Lavender is a very versatile herb. It makes a great garden plant and there are so many different varieties that there is one suited to every garden. Easy to grow and hardy, it makes an excellent addition to your planting. Lavender is renowned for its healing properties. The essential oil that we distil here on the farm has both relaxing and antiseptic qualities.

Distilling Lavender for Essential Oil

Our lavender essential oil is traditionally distilled using steam to capture the lavender essential oil.

Packed into a large stainless steel container, the lavender is gently heated so that the water underneath produces steam. The steam works its way through the Lavender flowers and the essential oil is gradually released from the flowers into the steam. The steam is then condensed to release the essential oil. The steam travels through a coiled pipe that cools it slowly and thus releases the essential oil. The oil is then separated in Florentine flask and matured for several months.