The Farm

Lavender Fields

There are two five acre fields of lavender and both are grown for lavender essential oil and dried lavender flowers.  The first field is planted only with English Angustifolia lavender that flowers in June and July, the second has a mixture of English lavender and hybrid intermedia lavender that flowering later. Therefore the second field flowers during July and August.

Visitors can wander round the lavender fields and enjoy the sight and smell of thousands of lavender plants.

Lavender Garden

This area has packed full of different varieties of lavender plants so that visitors can see the different colours and habits of over 20 different varieties of lavender. The rose arbour at the end of the lavender garden is a tranquil shady spot.

Healing Garden

Herbs that help us in one way or another, from the ordinary Thyme and Mint to the more unusual Arnica and Echinacea.  Rest a while on the Camomile seat and take in the wonderful scent.

Flower & Vegetable Garden

Many different types of flower, vegetables and salads are produced here for the café. Come along and see what’s growing among the vegetables and flowers.

Willow Tunnel

Small children will love exploring the willow tunnel, weaving in and out, round and round, plenty of grass to sit on and enjoy the fresh air, how many four leafed clovers will you find?

Plant Nursery

In the big green circular tank, you’ll find all the named varieties of lavender and herbs that we have grown for sale, small 9 cm pots, 1 litre pots and some even bigger.  A really large selection of different varieties of lavender plants.

Farm Shop

See our unique selection of lavender products grown and made on the farm.


Serving Fair-trade tea and coffee with a delicious selection of homemade cakes and light lunches. Our cafe is open when the farm is open.